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[Current] Early Access Features:

  • Discounted price (75% off). The price will go up to $20 after the official release.
  • See Latest Released Updates Below

Upcoming Updates:

  • Customer Satisfaction to will be calculated based on multiple factors (i.e. waiting time, using shaving cream before razor, etc..)
  • Injury system, customers can get hurt from your tools if you're not careful
  • Drink Coffee to Stay Awake (removes blurred vision that will indicate player is sleepy)
  • Advertise Online to Attract more customers

Future Update:

  • Multiplayer Coop and PVP



  • Sandbox mode allows you to set your own rules by turning features On/Off, e.g. Customer Requests, Timer, Battery Consumption and Hair Wash.


  • Customers Request Certain Cuts / Coloring
  • Evaluation engine to evaluate cut/coloring accuracy
  • Accurate Order details based on final results/requests, collect in game money
  • Customer Rating
  • Adjustable Chair Height
  • Towel for drying hair after wash
  • Move hands on hair to wash/dry
  • Exterior environment with pedestrians and traffic
  • dynamic weather system
  • music player to switch songs or pause music
  • 5 new music tracks
  • Charging Hairclipper
  • Disinfecting Scissors and Razor
  • Timer
  • Performance improvements
  • Complete remodel of the barbershop
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AuthorKeycap Games
Tags3D, barber, barbershop, hair, haircut, salon, simulator, Virtual Reality (VR)


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

BarbershopSimulatorVR_OculusQuest_V1.1.apk 438 MB


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I really think you need to remove this game and upload it with a simple wait to install the game - I bought it an hour ago and still don't know how to install it. 

it’s not an issue with the game itself, oculus quest doesn’t allow easy installation of a non official game (on the official store), it requires sidequest to install those games on it. Check out youtube for videos on how to install sidequest game or join our discord for support.


can you please help me install this game, bc it looks sooo fun


it doesn't download

i know

i bought this game a while ago played it then got a new pc and now i cant download it even though i payed for it

please join our discord and we’ll help you out

i figured it out thanks though 

bro I need my money back 


how do you download it 



Checkout this video or join our discord for installation guide

i bought it and its just a file can i get a refund

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The file requires installation like any sidequest game, for refunds follow this link: https://itch.io/t/129454/how-are-refunds-handled

bought the game and it download on the itch.io website and when I try to go on the game I cant


how do I download to my oculus? It’s says download then goes to my documents with nothing in it

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check any of these videos: (it's the same steps required to install any non official oculus game) https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=how+to+install+barbershop+simulator...

or join our discord channel for help

dont buy its a scam for your money

Hi, If you're unable to follow the instructions to install the game please request a refund here https://itch.io/t/129454/how-are-refunds-handled


Refund pls


me lo instale en ipad i no me deja quiero un rembolso

Es solo para vr

could i please have another link my original link isnt working and i have paid


please join our discord and provide proof of purchase, and we’ll send you a new link

Bro I already have the game why do I have to pay again broo

Hello, Please join our discord channel and provide any proof of purchase and we can send you a free download link

I would like a refund




This is an amazing game! A lot of the comments are because the game is a .apk file and most people don't know how to install them onto their headset. Don't be fooled by the reviews, download an application like SideQuest in order to install the .apk file onto your oculus headset


login to install

oh shit. I did it. i just needed to install sidequest on my pc

tutorial to download it? if not im getting my money back lmao. There better be some tpye of windows version or some shit


i bought this games and then it tries to make you download it then you cant play very big scam i am very mad do not buy

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wheres tne game lhave the g

wheres my game


l buy it


I already bought it. 


if you're not seeing the download button for some reason, please provide a proof of purchase on our discord channel and we'll send you a download link